Delight in
Your City's
Brunch Scene

Release Date:
once brunch
is back in session

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BrunchFace is grounded in Peter Chung’s Graduate Fine Arts Thesis
at PennDesign.


His paintings are visual cues that marked his experience at brunch restaurants across the east coast.


How Does BrunchFace Work?

1. Play Our Delightful Puzzle Game!

2. Excellent GamePlay will have You compete for the monthly Mayorship of Your City's Brunch-Scene.

3. Be the Mayor of Your City's Brunch-Scene, and Win a Free Meal at Your Favorite Brunch Restaurant!


The Brunch Bunch

Dyana Wing So

Creative Adviser

Tina Nguyen

Game Developer

Jamie Ang Lee

Art Director

Vicky Bang

Software Engineer

Jon Chung

Game Design Lead

Peter Chung

Chief Executive


Johnny Ngo

Game Developer

Jinxiu Liu

Software Engineer

Xinyi Wang

Chief Technology

Jolene Zou

Financial Analyst

Judie Thai

Game Adviser

Sandra Latt

Game Development


Mauricio Novelo

Technical Adviser

Software Developer
Campus ESP



John Ondik

VIP-X  Adviser

Sr. Associate Director
Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship